I love Advent

oh my, what a dry spell it’s been.  I haven’t been not blogging on purpose, I think I’m just having a bit of a time gathering my thoughts enough to keep them straight.

We are so busy and getting busier.  I’m beginning to feel like the busyness of our life is really keeping us from LIVING.  Things and activities are taking priority over family life and peace.  It’s so easy to become robotic and exist only to move through the days, forgetting that there is so much more to what we do.

We’ve been making the attempt this Advent to change that trend.  It’s more difficult than I had originally thought.  The ability to say no, without extreme guilt, is not something that comes easy for me (don’t listen to my kids.  Seriously.  I DO say yes sometimes!) and it is a necessary skill in order to survive.  We’ve had to start saying no to outside influences so we can grow within our family, our marriage and ourselves.   I seem to have been more worried with what effect the “no’s”  have on the outside world than what my “yes” is doing to the life within the walls of my home.  All of the sudden it became clear that, truly, in order to serve God and our community, we had to take care of who we were as a family and as individuals or there would be nothing left for the very people we were put on this Earth to specifically care for.

This Advent we’ve decided to stop trying out best God in our calling.  Instead of trying to lead The Father we’ve realized we must yield our will to His and humbly submit ourselves to His plan.

This Advent we’ve strived to become truly His children and listen and love and trust.


I love Advent!