He just doesn’t get it- a must read

This is a must read for every parent, and teenager out there.  Please take heed.




sod in spring

We have that house, you know the one, where the front yard needs resodded every spring because every boy in the neighborhood seems to hang out there, under the tree, sitting on the flower bed border, whether we’re home or not.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve pulled up to see three or four kids just hanging out.  They figure we’ll be home shortly and then, surely, someone in our rather large line up of children would be available for play.  They’re right and someone is and come dark everyone is called in and bedtimes commence.  It can be a relatively happy little scene (relatively, because really?  They’re boys.  They tend to scrap every once in a while) and it’s lovely to reflect on when life is crazy.

Even if it’s costing us a small fortune in sod in the spring.

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weather worn hands

My husband and I went last weekend to witness a marriage.  It was so incredibly beautiful and we were so blessed to be included. Funny thing about other people’s life changing events though, they make  you examine your own so much more closely. 

As we were driving up to the church the groom and all of his men were walking from the hall to the church.  My immediate impression was so how incredibly young he looked.  I mentioned this to my groom of 15 years and he responded that they all looked young.  They all were young.  Not that we’re old, it’s just that they’re young.   It stirred something inside me to be looking at a new couple through the seasoned eyes of someone whose children are closer to being old enough to be married than not. 

We sat in our pew (well some of us, others of us sat in the cry room nursing little ones) and witnessed a new, fresh, excited and expectant love full of the potential of the years that lay before them.  It was amazing to see, it always is, and took me back to 15 years ago when my groom and myself said those same vows in front of a crowd of friends and family.  I still feel like that barely 19 year old young woman, filled with excitement staring down the potential of the years to come and ready to face what ever lie ahead.  I felt like we could do anything as long as we were doing it together.  The future lay stretched out before us, waiting on us to take that first step together.  We were madly, deeply in love and ready to take on the world.  We were young and full of promise. 

I still feel young.  I still feel like the young woman at the altar with my groom.  I still feel like the new mom cradling my babe in my arms while proudly looking up, silently begging everyone we passed to love her as much I did.  I still feel like that young woman, thin, strong, beautiful, and willing to do whatever it took to follow our dreams.   I feel like that young woman until I attend such a beautiful wedding of such a young couple.

Then, I look down at the babe I am nursing  in the dark quiet of the cry room and think about how different it is to mother baby number 7 vs baby number 1.  I think about how fifteen years ago I would have never guessed that my life would be so incredibly blessed with seven children and so full with everything that raising a large family includes, heartache to joy.  I remember that I’m not nineteen.  I look at these hands.  The hands of a seasoned wife and mother.  They’re not the young, beautiful, soft hands of a nineteen year old.  They’re older, wrinkled, dry and worn.  They’re tired.  They’ve held new babies and sick children.  They’ve been thrown up to God in both joy and anger.  They have smoothed the hair of a sleeping child and been wrung in worry over a child in the hospital.  They have driven countless miles to countless activities.  They’ve volunteered for things to help build the Body of Christ here on earth and fill the bellies of tired and worn out souls without home or family.  All of these things in what seems to be the blink of an eye.  Time passes so quickly by, and what was once a crisis can be looked back on as a mere stepping stone.  The years seem to be forever long ago, but pass by in a blink of an eye.

I can so vividly remember being the young bride on her wedding day.  Anxious and filled with a small bit of worry contemplating the life before me.  I remember and suddenly it feels to weird to understand the babe in arms isn’t our first, but our seventh.  It looks odd to see that the hands holding and loving him have brought me through so much of this life in all of it’s heartache and pain, and abundant joy and are now wrinkled and old.  And I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that everything these hands have been through on this fleeting journey has been worth it.  All of the pain, all of the joy.  And I realize how quickly it all passes by and in a blink you go from standing at the altar surrounded by friends and family to standing in your home surrounded by children and family and friends.  Time passes so incredibly quickly.

My prayer is for nothing less for this married couple.  I wish them life.  A full and complete and beautiful life filled with both ups and downs, joy and sorrow.  I wish them love.  That weather worn hands will always find a way back to each other.  I wish them time.

random thoughts do not a good post make

Yikes!  I need to post something, even if it is just mindless dribble!

I have this brilliant post working itself out in my head, but it’s just not gelling completely.  I hate that.  I know what my heart wants to say it’s just insanely difficult getting it onto paper (screen?).   Guess it’s writers block, but not really.  Just a failure to communicate.  🙂

Baby is growing and beautiful. 

House is still on the market, and, despite my many objections I guess we’ll be burying poor St. Joseph in the front yard.  Heaven help us!  I have heard how effective St. Joseph’s intercessions can be on selling a house, I just feel a bit like a New York mobster burying him in the ground until he manages to find a buyer!  Can’t we just hold hands and pray?  Have I mentioned before how much I hate violence?  Can’t even watch a hockey game, makes my stomach hurt and I even cry. 

Such a girl.

I’ve reconnected with an old friend which is what the post that won’t write itself is about.  I have missed her terribly and she has been coming  up a lot in my prayers and thoughts.  God was telling me we’d reconnect soon, I even had an idea about what time it would be, funny as that seems.  There’s something about old friends and shared history that makes my heart leap for joy in a way that it hasn’t in a long time!  I can’t wait to see her and her family!!!  My kiddos are anxiously awaiting their time to visit as well, should be a great weekend!!  Reminds me that  I need to work a bit harder at maintaining all of those cherished relationships that we have with those we love. 

That’s all for tonight, evidently baby needs to nurse, again.  LOVE this time, it’s so fleeting, and yet so time-consuming!

Peace y’all!