Too full?

I am sitting up late at night with a sore throat and tired bones trying to figure out how best to communicate with a newly turned (almost) 15 yo about birthday plans that should have been made weeks ago.  A week in advance will have to suffice, if we can get plans together. 

Life is so dang full.  I feel like I’m meeting myself coming and going.  Trying to meet the needs of everyone and falling terribly short, or so it seems.  There is a child that just turned 4 last week, the child turning 15 tomorrow morning, Christmas for all six of my children, plus Godparents, Grandparents, adopted Grandparents and Godchildren to plan out.  (I know, once again, that should have been done months ago, but do you want to hear my schedule from MONTHS ago???  Nah, didn’t think so)  There is LOTS of sewing to get done and little motivation behind it.  I know once I get started I’ll sail through, it’s the getting started that’s so difficult.

We’ve also got this newest little boy (yep, boy) to plan for.  He’ll be here sometime in March, and while that seems like YEARS away, it’s frighteningly close.  I don’t need much for this child, but I do need to prepare my home for him.  I need to prepare my heart for him. 

And then there’s that other babe coming soon, 25 days to be exact, that I need to be preparing my home and heart for.  I want to get walls painted in one room, woodwork in another.  I want to get baking done and sewing done and decorating done and Advent wreathing done and praying done and teaching done.  I want to prepare my heart, my children’s hearts, for the birth of our Savior. 

It all becomes so overwhelming.  Soccer just ended, Scouts is still going crazy, basketball is starting up.  I don’t have time to do it all well.  I don’t have time to do half of it decently.  Is it possible to be too blessed?  To have a life too full??  Teenagers, young children, toddlers, and babies.  We have blessings flowing out of every room, spilling into the next and flowing through the next.  We have schedules and chores and schooling coming out of everywhere.  We have fighting and bickering and stress and yelling spilling outside of our windows. 

BUT we also have laughter and love filling our home.  We have children running and playing and singing and dancing out in the yard.  We have kisses and hugs and apologies and I’m sorry’s when necessary.  We have trains to trip over and scrapes to kiss and boys to wrestle with and girls to cook with and songs at every corner.  We have people to share our good days and our bad days with, people who won’t forget us, even when we feel like they might.  We have someone to share our story with.

We are a blessed family.  We are a truly beautiful place.  We learn from our craziness and hectic lives how to move toward something more simple and relaxed.  We learn from each other what is important and why. 

Too full? 

NOPE.  Not a chance.


a month!!

Yikes.  It’s been nearly a month since I last posted anything.  I have a ton of excuses!  Sis had a baby that I was blessed to see take his first breath.  It was so incredibly beautiful and he is a precious little boy that I can’t wait to hug and kiss on for the rest of his life.

I came home to soccer tournaments and recovery for being gone for five days.  Hubby did a decent job of keeping kids alive and the house in a fair bit of order, but it still needed mama’s touch.  It’s nice to be needed.  It was WONDERFUL to be greeted by such incredibly enthusiastic children when I  returned as well.  Such a blessing to know you were missed, and loved!

We have been so blessed lately.  An unexpected pregnancy, which by the way we have learned is another BOY!!  FIVE in a row!!  We’re honestly, quite excited and SO incredibly blessed!  And our fears of the world being negative and wiping out our enthusiasm and joy have been, for the most part, unfounded.  People are happy for us.  Strangers.  They come up to us often to tell us how beautiful our family is, and how blessed we are. 

They’re right.