long name, simple solution

Our precious baby boy, whose name some would call providential, has suffered his entire life (all 11.5 months of it) with something called “laryngomalacia”,a condition where the tissue and cartilage above your voice box is weak and will collapse in a bit when you breathe in.  Causes a bit of a disturbing sound to be emitted that is very reminiscent of croup.  Suffer is probably too strong  of a word, but he has dealt with it anyway.   It is likely the cause of his low weight and difficulty taking a bottle.  It’s also likely the cause of his sleeplessness (and mine).  Months ago we saw the specialist and were told that it was likely that he’d outgrow it by the time he was a year old.  We were told that he was a candidate for surgery, but that it wasn’t incredibly necessary (we asked about whether or not it could be the cause for eating difficulties etc, we were not taken very seriously).  SO we decided to wait.  6 months isn’t that long, and he outgrows it without surgery then YAY. 

Except, he didn’t.  As a matter of fact, he’s gotten worse.  Enough that I took him back to the specialist this past week.  I was blessed enough to see his PA this time and got MUCH better answers to my questions and guidance as to what our next step needs to be. 

Turns out, the next step is surgery.  Minor surgery, really, requiring only an overnight stay to monitor whether or not he can maintain his airway.  They’ll go in and laser off a “few millimeters” of tissue just above his larynx to keep it from closing off so much of his airway when he breathes in.  It doesn’t cure the problem, it just makes it, well, less problematic.

Here’s the kicker.  I have a major event coming up this coming Saturday.  I was already writing off much of this coming week and unusable space as I’m sure the preparations are going to take up a vast majority of my time.  Funny, God seems to think that I should concentrate a bit harder on my children instead this week.  The surgeon called on Friday and let me know that they had an opening on Tuesday (THIS Tuesday) that they think I should take.  Uh, ok.  um.  Okay.

So, today we had him prayed over and he received the Annointing of the Sick.  Tomorrow I’ll finish making preparations for the surgery, buy a couple of snack type things for me, maybe a bag of paper diapers, I don’t know.  Little things, all of it, really.  I’m getting a bit nervous about the whole ordeal but I know my precious baby will be well cared for, both by his patron saint (who is seems, hand picked my son) and Our Creator. 

Please, if you have a minute on Tuesday afternoon, say a prayer for our boy.  And maybe one for his mama too.




It’s snowing

Which, in and of itself, isn’t that remarkable. We’re far enough north that it does that occasionally here. Thankfully we get the added benefit of it melting within 24 hrs so we actually enjoy our snow here.

This morning there won’t be much to melt. It’s just a light snow. It’s so beautiful though. The flakes are, well, flakey. It’s not snowing hard, just flakes slowly drifting down from the sky, falling on cold, hard ground, still maintaining thier crystalline shape.

What’s even more beautiful, what REALLY makes the picture, is that it’s not cloudy. There are clouds in the sky, obviously, but it’s not cloudy. The bright, cheery, new day sun is shining and the snowflakes seem to be dancing for joy in it’s pseudo-warmth. It looks like a snow globe out there. The reflection of the sun hitting each individual snowflake, making it look like it’s raining glitter.

It’s just beautiful.

God is good.

allergy? no. you’re just crazy.

Well, we survived the allergist, unfortunately none the wiser.  He seems to not be allergic to ANYTHING.  No kidding.  Even in this part of the country, where I believe every. single. pollen spore know to exist seems to blow in.  Nothing.

SO.  It could be his adenoids, deviated septum, chronic sinus infection, thyroid problems or any other combination of those.  We are on a new drug regimen for the next five days to see if there is any improvement and will go from there.  It’s likely that a visit with an ENT and a ct-scan machine are in our future.  Poor kid.  He just wants to breathe right.