and, did I mention that I was excited?

I am so excited!  For the first time in our married life (15 years!) we are going to have a cool master bedroom!!!  We’ve ordered furniture, all matching!!! (it’s sitting in boxes in my living room right now…) We’re painting a beautiful sagey greenish color, I have some ideas as to what I want to put on the walls…


I’m going to have a grown up bedroom, you know, for grown ups!! 


We finally quit waiting until the perfect time, and the perfect stuff and the perfect house.  We finally realized that we needed to make this our home and our haven NOW, not when we move into our dream home, but right now.  We need to be enjoying our home and feeling peaceful and joyful NOW. 


Did  I mention that I was excited?????????


I’ll post pictures as soon as we’re finished.


JUST makeup????

Okay,  I give up.  I am waving my white flag.

I have used the same foundation (yep, talking makeup here) from CoverGirl for a couple of years now.  I love it.  Really.  I get compliments on my makeup.  I really like the stuff.  Finally found a color that was perfect.  The makeup was wonderful, one of those all in one products that moms with six children all LOVE because we can get foundation and powder on in one quick and easy step without getting our hands dirty!!!  Nothing to spill out into the sink if we get helpers while putting on our make up.  No need for powder, pressed or loose, to top that liquid with, that will either break or get spilled everywhere by the same helping hands.  I LOVED it.

Well, they quit making it.  I think.  It’s not sold here anymore, at least not anywhere I can think to look.  It’s just gone.  Vanished.  Without warning. 

Do you know what this means????????  I have to find a different foundation. 

The stress involved in this decision is almost as bad as discovering they don’t make your favorite mascera anymore.  Seriously people!   We buy products because we like them, and they work.  We are faithful, loyal customers.  So when we have to change it scares the bejeebers out of us!!!!!!

I settled on something from another brand.  I am hopeful it works.  If not, I guess I’ll be visiting my local representative of a large chain of private cosmetic lines. 

Who knew how difficult changing something as simple as makeup would be???

Remember that post on Lent?

I have so many blog posts swirling around in my head, but once I sit down to write them all out they fly away, never to be seen again.

Such is life with many children, I believe.


Lent is here and once again this year I am seeing what so many other people are doing and feeling so underwhelmed with my ability to keep up with the season.  I’m not even giving up anything all that meaningful.  Pop.  Seriously.  Although it is seriously an addiction for me, so I guess it’s something. 

But we’re not doing the cool calendars, we’re not doing the “color in the footsteps” worksheets.  Heck, I can’t even find my laminated Stations of the Cross to hang up around the house.  I’m feeling, well, a bit dry.  I AM going to do some spiritual reading, no matter what.  I started a bit today, reading a couple of books from Mother Teresa.  I hope to move on to Prayer Primer sometime this weekend.  It’s a book I’m rather looking forward to reading.

I’ve always had a difficult time with prayer.  If I’m not speaking out loud I feel like I’m not praying, but I hate to pray around other people, outside of Mass of course. (weird self conscious stuff right there!!)  If I pray “spontaneously”  I feel like it’s not good enough but if I just read prayers, am I still praying?  What if I’m reading in my head?  What changes it from mere reading,  into a prayer? 

I don’t think I’ve always struggled with these things, maybe the all encompassing job that motherhood is has so consumed me that anything outside of that task is made more complicated by my mommy brain (think about the fact that I am constantly explaining to my 3 year old “why”.  Dang it.  I sound just like him!!).

So, I’m hoping to salvage what I can out of this year.  Maybe we’ll just print up some Stations and hang those up.  Maybe we’ll start some seeds growing tomorrow, it’s a wee bit late, but not terrible.  Maybe we won’t get lost in the preparations of Easter weekend, and instead focus on our spiritual preparations.

Please God, help me to guide my children to understand Your Passion better.  Please guide me as well.  Help me to be pliable to Your Will.

another first

wow. I’ve totally been neglecting this blog!! (nope, sadly that wouldn’t be the “first” I was speaking of, sorry!)  I have a ton of stuff to say and not time right now to say it.


We’re on our way to #4’s very first soccer game, EVER!  We’re so excited, and hopeful that it goes well.  He’s a tired boy due to a camp in at a local museum last night with the Boy Scouts (which was another wonderful success!!) so we’ll see how well he does today!


Lent is here, I think I’ll talk about that a bit when I get back…