FINALLY excited!

I am so excited!

I have been a virtual ball of excitement since The Announcement yesterday. 

I have also been reading, with disappointment, the debate going on surrounding said announcement.

We have a shot at getting an incredibly strong, pro-life, pro-family team into office.  I don’t think it’s our place to judge what kind of mother she is.  Do we think she’ll be a good VP, and possibly president?  That’s what we should be judging at this point.  And yes.  I do.  “Lack of experience” and all.  She is convicted and carries the courage of her convictions no matter what the general opinion happens to be.  She’s proved that both in her personal life and her political life.  She’s also, despite the “working mom” issue, proved how much her children do in fact mean to her.  While I don’t choose to work outside the home for pay (remember the rather large “church” project I’ve worked on last year, and now this as well????  The one that takes a year to make happen, yep, that’s the one.)  I can’t make a huge judgement on how, or why she chooses the opposite path of mine.  I am not in her family and I have to trust that she is making the correct decision for her children in her decision to run.  I have to believe that she takes seriously the conviction that what we are leaving our children as our legacy has to be better than what it is now.  It has to improve.  She isn’t sitting back and talking about changing it, leaving it up to others, she’s taking the bull by the horns and moving, full steam ahead.  I have to admire that.

I am suddenly, happily, engaged in this election.  I can not wait for my chance to vote.


Thank you Sarah Palin!!!


and all is good with the world

I am itching to get started on the school year.  I have determined to love it again, like I did back when we started nine (!!!!) years ago.  You know the time, when we did Five in a Row and found a field trip for each book, when I made popcorn balls and roll out sugar cookies for no special reason.  Yeah.  That time.

I have dusted off my FIAR and gotten the books ready.  I have prepped the kids 8 and under that we WILL have fun this year, they’ll learn a ton and not even know it.  I can’t wait to get into the predictable rhythm of our school day, waking and getting sleepy eyes ready for a day of learning.  Opening the house to the soft warm rays of sun and the busy-ness of the early morning chores.  I am looking forward to that daily ebb and flow.  There is something so comforting about the knowing what the day will hold. 

 Of course there are the little moments of time that go spiraling into spontaneity, usually spurred on by a two year old’s desire to explore uncharted territory, but sometimes fueled by an older child’s desire to know more, see more and touch more on a particular subject, but I love even those moments.  I love seeing the “click” in the eyes of my child when they finally grasp the concept we’ve been reaching for for days.  I love the quiet reading of a newly found favorite book.  I love the quiet prayer time that we take each morning.  I love being able to say “no” to the world in favor of my children and my vocation. 

So, we’re getting ready, our younger students are raring to go and the older ones are eagerly anticipating opening the proverbial box full of new, beautiful books to use, touch, smell, read.  I can’t wait to start school this year. 

I’m in love.


with my children

with my husband

with my life.


Thank you God.


My home has been transformed into a galaxy far far away, and I would dare say that it has taken a step back in time, to where exactly?  Well, long, long ago of course!

DH got a musical card for his birthday, it plays the Star Wars theme.  It makes perfect sense, because to call him a Star Wars nerd would so SO be an understatement.  Our children, boys esp, have taken his obsession to a whole new level that only little boys can do. 

Anyway, the 5 year old is dressed in a Halloween costume we got on clearance that has a hood, we used it to dress up as St. Benedict for All Saints Day, evidently it’s also useful as an “Anakin Skywalker” costume, episode 3 of course.  So he is parading around the house in his “episode 3, Anakin Skywalker” costume yielding a lightsabre that he is swinging violently around clearly fighting whatever Jedi gets in his way.  That is funny enough but not the funniest.  The funniest involves the aforementioned card.  Evidently Anakin has a battle droid.  The two year old is following the cloaked Anakin on his battles wielding the card above his head, reopening it everytime the music stops.  Anakin has his own music to fight for. 


I love boys.




How do you instill confidence?  How do you make your meek and timid children understand that they are capable of anything they put their mind to?  How do you teach a child that refuses to be taught?  How do you keep your sanity? 


I think we’re both near tears.



looong night

Today was nice. Calm. A good recoup from last night.

The kids are all up watching the opening ceremonies. I know it’s cool to watch all of the pomp and circumstance. I know it’s neat to see all of the different countries and wonder where they are and what life is like there. But GOODNESS could it be any longer????

Yep. I just complained at how many people there were competing at the Olympics. Pathetic. I could just send my kids to bed. I could just make them miss the end. I could be the mean mom and say I didn’t care about such non important things as Olympics. But I’m not that girl. At all. I love the idea of the Olympics. I love the ceremony. I love the patriotism. I love the thought of the world coming together for an attempt at peace. I am saddened that the temporary peace that is supposed to be respected during the games has been thrown out the window by some, but I am in love with the ideal.

SO, while my children are watching, and enjoying the ceremonies (driving me ever closer to certifiable) I may complain. A little. But really? I am happy that they love it as well. I am thrilled that for the next 17 days we’ll be glued to the schedules and coverage. I am thrilled that my children have something to watch that will give their dreams wings.

WOOHOO!!!! GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


not. funny.

We’re sure it was some sort of teen prank.  We really are.  It didn’t feel like it at the time.  Or immediately afterward.  As a matter of fact, a cup of sleepytime tea and a glass of wine later it still doesn’t feel like a prank.  I have prayed the St. Michael prayer over and over,

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
by the Divine Power of God –
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.


 I will post it on the door.

It woke up the girls and the baby.  It caused my husband to walk pace the sidewalk.  It caused me to shriek in fear.  Dh is still up, fiddling with a webcam, trying his best to capture an image by the front door.  It’s the way a computer guy protects his family.  Surveillance.  He’s already paced the neighborhood “no one makes me sit afraid in my own home.”

Someone, we are assuming a male teen, someone robbed our family of our sense of security tonight.   Someone took away my children’s peace.  Someone made me into a quaking, terrified little girl.  Someone violated our home. 

At nearly ten o’clock this evening, as dh was putting shoes on to go get a slush for the two of us (what??? it sounded really good!!!  It’s hot!) and I was reading a blog of a friend, and the children were all in bed asleep, someone ran up to our door, screaming (no words, just terror screams) banged on our door and rang the door bell repeatedly.  I am near shudders typing this.  I can not tell you the terror that ran through my body.  I begged dh to not open the door.  He didn’t.  I called the police and they came out and are patrolling the neighborhood and our street in particular this evening.  We are not sleeping.  We can’t. I am begging dh to stay home tomorrow. I don’t want to be home without him. I don’t like feeling like this.

I know it was a teen prank.  A really dumb, stupid, evil, cruel prank.  I know that we will find out who’s sick sense of humor it was.  We will get our sense of security back.

Until then, would someone please pass the wine?

the informer

Please tell me you have one too.  The child that insists on being the town crier.  The one that runs in behind anyone coming inside for bandages exclaiming above the cries of pain and explanation that *they* had absolutely nothing to do with whatever it was that was done to make so and so cry with a scraped knee.  The one that seems to think they know exactly what everyone is doing at any given moment of the day.  The one that, no matter what you do, will NOT shut their mouth when you are speaking to  about anything disciplinary.  The one that looks innocent enough, all of the time, so much so that every stranger and even good friend is fooled into believing that they are the victim, not the instigator they in fact tend to be.



Please tell me you have one too…