Our Christmas has, thus far, been wonderful.  We have an annual get together with friends and neighbors on Christmas Eve after Mass, full of food, wine and wonderful conversations.  It was wonderful this year!  I really enjoy the kids running around, keeping an eye on the NORAD Santa tracker site and stuffing themselves with Christmas goodies.


Christmas morning was wonderful as well.  Everyone was quite happy with their gifts and the work that the children put into their homemade gifts was not only apparent, but so much appreciated.  I really need to post pictures of them soon.  For now you’ll just have to cope with inadequate descriptions.  #1 made the three oldest boys a stuffed animal and the baby a pillow (from the softest flannel!!), she made her sister a beautiful white hankie outlined in lace with her initials neatly embroidered in pink.  #2 made the three oldest boys a smaller version of the stuffed animals and the baby a felt rosary so he had a rosary he could chew on during morning prayer time.  They both made their daddy a photo frame to take to work with their pictures in them.  They made me a wonderful, double thick, fleece blanket.  #3 made  his sisters and I a beautiful homemade wooden shelf to hang in our rooms, he made #4 a “pego” game, #5 was given a hand painted, wooden, rolling train engine, and the baby was given a bead cross to hang above his crib.  He gave his daddy a jar of peanut butter (and if you knew his daddy you would know what a wonderful gift this was!!!)#4 gave his big sister a “tornado maker”, you know, two 2 liter bottles filled with water and taped together, his #2 sister he gave food and water troughs for her Bryer horse collection (he made those out of the bottom of the mac and cheese box, I really need to take pics!!) for #3 he made coffee can stilts, painted a beautiful copper, and he gave #5 a “Thomas the Train” coloring book out of coloring pages we downloaded and printed and a homemade cover.  He gave the baby a 20 oz pop bottle filled with rice and colorful beads with the lid glued on.  It really was a beautiful Christmas!

I hope yours was as blessed and beautiful!




That’s all I want.  Seriously.  Slippers. 

Fun, little boy, NOT spiderman slippers.  Remember when you used to be able to buy all kinds of slippers?  Monster feet, Godzilla feet, bunny feet, dog feet, gorilla feet, you know the kind.  Well, that time has ended.  There are no slippers to be found.  None.  I have searched every where I can think to search and even a few places that I thought ridiculous but tried anyway.

nights like tonight

Yet again I’ve slacked off on the blogging. 

The kids were bored tonight.  The 14 (yep!  my oldest just had a birthday.  I don’t want to talk about it!  She’s just so dang beautiful.  She’s growing into a young lady and it terrifies me, but that’s another post) year old was even asking to do Latin, just cause she was bored.  So I handed her a small (very) script of the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  #1 was the director and stage manager, #2 was Our Lady, #3 was Juan Diego, #4 was the bishop and #’s 5 and 6 were the commercial entertainment. 

I have to say it was just beautiful to sit in our room and listen to them work it out (we had to retreat so as to not spoil our opinion of the final work) and ready themselves.  It was so sweet to see my blue eyed son with an image of Our Lady taped to his clothes.  It was really cute that the bishop “passed out”  when the flowers were dropped and nearly clocked the director in the head with his staff.  I loved the bows and the post production pics.  I love that all that my children were happy to play with each other, all of them so much that none of them thought twice about doing it.

I remember being younger (eight or so) and wanting to put on plays and do things for mom and dad.  We had a great coffee table that was insanely sturdy (you could say clunky now, but then it was sturdy) and that was forever my stage.  I would act out any number of things.  One summer I even tried to convince my friends that we could put on a production of “Cats”.  I had/have never seen the musical but it had recently come to town and the costuming was mesmerizing. 

Most of my plays were one act, a single actress on a lonely stage.  My audience would be my reflection on the television.  I don’t mind that.  I didn’t even then.  Despite that, it fills my heart past full to see that my children have fellow actors and even an audience.  Not to mention the friends that would jump at the thought of putting on a play for parents. 

There are days when my house seems to close in on me.  Days when the worries of the outside world seem to overtake me and I can’t seem to keep my head above water.  It’s in those days when the images of my children playing together, dressing up as Our Lady and Juan Diego, giggling, laughing and tumbling about the living room, perhaps,  come flooding in and push out the worries and the fears.  Suddenly the smallness of my home seems to be redefined, transformed from cramped to cozy, chaotic to perfectly ordered. 

It’s nights like tonight that I remember more clearly why I love my vocation.