So blessed!

We bought this house two years ago and have had little surprises over and over again along the way.  The septic tank wasn’t actually inspected.  We know this because it was not in the place the inspector indicated it was when he wrote out that it was all fine.  We need new lateral lines, these will work, for now, but we need new.  The master shower is not nearly as water tight as what was once thought, at all.   The guest bathtub has some serious issues.  The carpet is ugly, the tile is ugly.  (there is carpet in the BATHROOM, who does that???) There seems to be a leak in the walls of the play room, only when it rains of course.  We think we might have fixed it, but it’s dry season here so we can’t be sure.  The dryer won’t dry, it’s not vented properly evidently and the only way to fix that is to move it, out to the garage.  The stove top is on it’s very very last leg and the counters are cracking.  I could go on and on and on, but I realized something today.  I am so upset, beaten down, by how MUCH there is to do and how we will NEVER have enough money to do it that I am forgetting that it’s a house, a home, a roof!  We’re fine. It’s not perfect, but it’s functional and that’s all we need right now.

I’ve been so obsessed with the negative, what’s wrong in this home of mine that my life has been consumed with what’s wrong.  Not what’s good, and right and beautiful, but what is ugly and  used up and worn. 

You would think my life is horrid.  We’re living in a hole somewhere,

but we’re not.

We’ve got three beautiful acres that provide ample opportunities for my sons to go outside and learn to work and be strong and loving men.   We have air conditioning and a solid home.  We have an abundance of food and love at our table. 

My husband is such a blessing to our family, he works so hard to make sure our needs are met and thinks very little of his own needs.  He doesn’t have a dream car, he loves our fifteen passenger van.  He rejoices in each new life that comes along.  He leads Scouts and spends time with his kids because he wants them to know that he is there in every way and they are more important than anything else.  He takes such tender care of me when I am weak and tired or sick. 

My children, oh my children!!!  What an amazing blessing they are to myself and our family.  They serve each other lovingly and become so elated when there is an announcement of a new life coming into our family.  There will be arguments over who gets to help the most, the baby will inevitably be spoiled beyond belief, not knowing what it’s like to be put down, there will be no shortage of loving arms to envelope him.  Not only are they a blessing to myself, they serve others with the same enthusiasm and joy as they serve at home, they are often the first to be asked to help with a particular project or function.  My daughters give of themselves so fully and joyfully that most of the little ones at church know them well and love them.  I have never had to sit and listen as someone had to tell me about the disappointing challenges my children bring to them, instead I hear over and over again how their witness is encouraging others to love and serve Christ.  Their purity is inspiring, even to myself.

I have been so beautifully and abundantly blessed with the vocation of motherhood, something I have always felt called to.  My sons are an amazing bunch of boys that bring joy and life to our home!  My daughters are a continuous blessing, filling my days with laughter and joy.  I am blessed to be carrying another soul for Christ within my womb, another son, by all counts.  He’s active and wiggling and stretching every day, growing and developing until the point this fall when we all get to meet him!

My house is not perfect, our lives are not without trial and difficulty, but we are so SO blessed.  There are far more things to rejoice over than to shed tears about.  Every day.  Every day, needs to be spent in Praise, at all times, for all things. 

We are so blessed!