lego club

Couple of things,  First, I need to do some housekeeping on my blog list.  I want to add some, and change some.  That will be changing soon, I hope! 

Second, Ammie asked about lego club and I thought I’d just make it a post. 

It’s nothing complicated at all, seems to be a ton of fun and everyone looks forward to it!  It started with a mom of boys (not me) wanting her boys to have more interaction with other children and would love to get creative juices flowing with people other than herself.  Legos seemed to be a good medium for any aged boy or girl so that was an obvious choice.

  There is a giant tub of “lego club” legos.  Everyone who wants to participate in the group must bring a quart sized bag of legos (at least) to add to the bucket.  You don’t get them back.  They’re community property at this point (which is just not a problem for my boys, even the SPD child is fine with it).  We meet once a month (you could do more) at the library, but a church or somewhere else would be just fine.  We line up the 8 ft tables, put sheets on them (aids in clean up) and dump the legos onto the table.  All the kids surround the table and just build, and play, and build.  No rules. (well, maybe one, or two.  No throwing legos.  No possessive pile hogging, you get the drill)  We do this for two hours or so.  When it’s time for clean up we just pick up the sheets by the corners and funnel them into the bucket.  It’s an amazing time and SO simple.  It’s funny that our kiddos look forward to it every single month!

You can also have some duplos for the younger set.  Whatever works for you.


shallow, but still…

Well, the camera has been partially downloaded, although it seems most of the pictures taken between October and present are refusing to transfer.  Must work on that one. 

Baby is growing like a weed, which is always wonderful.  He’s starting to really look at you and even gives up an occasional smile.  It’s so delightful! 

We are getting the house ready to put on the market right now.  It’s a nerve racking process that I don’t think I have the stomach for.  I hate major purchases like this.  Heck, I don’t even like to spend more than 6 bucks for a tube of mascera, the whole house thing is terrifying for me!  We have been looking at houses in the area as well.  There are so many options, but we think we might have found one.  The difficulty lies in the fact that it’s not the cutest house on the block (think bumble bee) and it desperately needs new windows.  We’re trying to figure out if there are foundational issues as well.  We’ll see.  The floor plan is perfect for our family and our needs.  I’m not sure what I want to happen with this house, whether I want it to be the perfect house all around, or not.  So stressful!  It will be what God wants it to be and we’ll live where He puts us.  Only He knows where we will do the most good, both for ourselves and our neighbors.

I promise to have deeper, more thought provoking posts once I start getting more sleep!

OH!! The baby is no longer a heathen!!  He was baptized on Divine Mercy Sunday (what better day is there than that???)  We have ourselves a fresh, clean, perfect, baby Christian!

drive by posting

I keep starting posts and not finishing them.  Ugh.  Story of my life. 

I’ll start posting pictures here when I get my camera downloaded (it’s been over a year at this point).

Today was a good day, school went relatively well.  We didn’t make it to lego club because there were a couple of break downs in the van (not the safest place to decide to get out of your seat and fight with your brother about the leapster!  Esp when I’m on the turnpike!!) However, we did get The Human Body lapbook finished and we’ll be starting The Five Senses tomorrow.  I’m hoping that #4 is picking something up out of these!  I feel so behind in his schooling this year.  It’s hard to push him very far at all, the response to the slightest nudge could send him spinning for the rest of the day, so we work on what we can, when we can and hope for the best.  Just doesn’t look good on our syllabus right now, but it’s just 1st grade, so we’ve got time!

Easter was beautiful and glorious and wonderful, we’re all still walking around on our Easter Mass “high”.  LOVED it!!!  Really wish we could share it with our extended family, it’s always a delight to share a Mass with someone who really appreciates a good liturgy!

I don’t have a lot more to say, too tired and brain fried right now.  It’s possible we’ll be baptising this baby this weekend, not much time to plan, but I want to get it done and Divine Mercy Sunday isn’t bad! 

Saying lots of prayers for lots of people right now!  You know who you are, know you’re also  loved!