Yikes, oops and oh dear!


I haven’t posted since we’ve moved!  Forgive me, please?  I’ve been lost in a sea of brown cardboard boxes and piles of crumpled newsprint for far too long.  During the insanity that moving a large family is I had so many opportunities for blogging success handed to me on a silver platter.  I should take better notes, because I can’t remember a single one of them.

We love our new home.  Sort of.

It’s been a dream for many many years, I’m just not sure I knew exactly what that dream meant.  I’m getting used to being out in the country.  We’re on well water, which I will admit creeps me out just a bit, but I’m getting over it and we are loving how beautifully cold it is coming out of the tap.  Our yard isn’t fenced.  There is a weird combination of  oddly placed drive way and wrap around back porch (not the romantic kind really, but it’s beautiful nonetheless) that makes fence placement not quite clear.  Our neighbor’s yard is fenced, but they don’t believe in keeping their dogs behind it, that makes it interesting to let my dog out to the bathroom, or my kids out to play.  We’re working on that one and I am sure it will take some finessing to get to an agreement that will make everyone happy. 

The worst part of the house is the insane number of spiders that seem to think this is home.  Thankfully none have thought it prudent to come inside, which is quite wise on their part I might add.  They are large enough that the boys have adopted a few and given them names.  They take great delight in catching grasshoppers and hurdling them to their death on “Fredrickson’s” web.  I should be worried, but, well, I’m not.  The rule has become “if it touches the house it must die, if not, it is allowed to live”  So the boys are working quite hard to convince these wonderful creatures that it would be best for them to build their beautiful webs in the tress and not on mom’s porch.  It’s not working all that well with all of them but I am sure some are listening.

All of that complaining to say that it’s beautiful.  We walk outside at night and can see the most beautiful stars you’ve ever seen.  The sound of the wind whistling through the trees has replaced the constant noise of traffic that we heard but didn’t realize we were hearing.  The boys come in every  night filthy, dirt from head to toe, and I know they have played and explored and enjoyed and been, well, boys.  They are bundling tree limbs they find together with vines and building fort walls and learning how to make incredible log cabin fires to burn the fallen limbs and walnuts.  It’s a beautiful place.  It will be my beautiful place before too long. 

We are replacing the “blankets” that were on the windows (WHEN were heavy, woven drapes really ever “in”??) with the window covering that more reflects our tastes and walls are already being painted.  We are making it home.  It’s taking time, and not a little effort, but we’re making it ours!