I am free this morning!!  Not one doctor visit today!! 

We have been regulars at the pediatrician’s office this month.  We went out of town and came home with a nasty viral something or other that has had us in a doc’s office weekly.  Sinus infections, ear infections (the nurse actually asked me if the 21 mo’s only symptom was laying on the floor and screaming for 2 days straight…uh, yeah.  Is that not enough????) more ear infections in the other kids and then yesterday we take #4 in cause he’s having pain when he urinates.  Bladder infection.  UGH!!  And because he’s a boy, that will mean a renal ultrasound and another test or two being run in a month or two.  Not looking forward to this!!

Add to that the OB visit I had on Monday,  (which was wonderful btw, and we will be finding out who we have in there in 4 weeks!!!) and I am completely done with doc offices.  Really.  Totally done!!  So, today deserves a small celebratory cup of tea or something!



Having 5 children seems to somehow shrink the day.  I don’t know what happens, but with the birth of each new child  another minute or two (or 30, depending on when you ask me) seems to be removed from the standard 24 hrs we’re given.  It’s not always removed at the most opportune time, say at like 3 am, but when you need it the most.  6pm, 7pm,  you know, when you’re already frazzled. 

I have yet to find a way to stop this from happening.  I suspect that the easiest way is for them all to grow up, but I’m not ready for that.  So I sit, watching the minutes disappear knowing that at some point I will want them to go as quickly again.  Someday I’ll wish for the 3 soccer practices and 2 Scout meetings in one evening.  I’ll remember frozen dinners, or the fast food frenzy and wish for it again.  I know that.  Someday.

 But today?  Hmmmmm.  Today.  I’m thinking that I want my minutes back!

The beginning

So, I have started yet again to attempt to maintain a blog.  We’ll see if I can manage to make this thing work, as technically challenged as I seem to be.

 I have a lot to say, but it’s taken quite a long time to pull this together so tonight, it’s just off to bed for me.  I hope to blog more later….