every time

I am increasingly disturbed by the people that are starting to ooze out of the woodwork in favor of Obama. My heart is breaking and I am in physical pain over what I am seeing from people I once respected. I can not believe, not for a second that ANY other issue is as paramount as protecting the most defenseless in our society and ANY candidate that is so cavalier about the most basic of rights can NOT be trusted to take care of any of the other socio-economic groups that need help. I can not express how much this pains me that people can not see this. Would I be trusted as a business associate if I showed that I would not fiercely defend my children?

In talking with a friend over all of this she suggested something so basic and easy that it never occurred to me.  Every time, every. single. time. we see an Obama sign, if we would all just say a Hail Mary, if not for the election, then for the soul of person who is so blinded by the soft words that hide such an evil heart.

I wanted to let you all know that is what I’ll be doing in the next nine days, and invite you to join me.



Because this IS a single issue election, and CLEARLY there are some that STILL don’t understand this.


ear infection, again.

It’s a beautiful fall day, temps in the low 70’s with birds chirping and the windows open and a soft breeze flowing through the house.  I am enjoying it. 

I did take that babe in arms that I mentioned last post to the pedi today.  He really, really didn’t sleep last night (so, nope.  I didn’t either) and I was relatively certain that an ear infection was quite possibly involved.  I was unfortunately correct in my assessment and we’re now on antibiotics.  Poor little guy. 

I was also made more keenly aware of the issue with his weight.  He’s always been small.  Really small.  (My personal opinion is the level of insulin I was on during pregnancy was WAY too much, but I’m no medical professional.)  He’s been hovering between the 3rd and 10th percentile in weight since birth.  He was small, but following a growth curve so, while cautious, we weren’t too alarmed.  Weighed him today.  He’s only gained 6 oz in two months.  I am trying to get him to take formula.  I am trying to get him to eat baby food (which he is finally doing on occasion now!) I’m even fortifying his baby food with formula to add calories. 

I’m starting to worry a bit about him. 

He’s fallen off the growth chart now.  WAY off.

Please pray that the drop is just from crawling and burning more calories than he used to.  Pray also that he eats and gains.

the moment

I am tired.  My body is worn and I am feeling older.  I don’t know if it’s the pace of our lives or my pathetic time management,  or maybe the 8 mo old that refuses to sleep through the night.  It could be the special needs child that needs constant supervision.  It could be that I need to go to confession and receive those graces.  It could be that we have such a large family.


It could be a thousand things. 


But as I sit gazing into my beautiful son’s eyes I think none are as high on my list right now as the babe in arms, the little nursling, that is NOT going to sleep tonight.  He’s singing me a song instead.

A new found friend recently commented on how wonderful it was that I could just live “in the moment” instead of obsessing so much on what needs to be done next.  She made it sound so beautiful, so virtuous.  The stark reality is that if I looked at my calendar past what today, maybe even this hour, holds I would weep. 

I am tired.

I am worn.

But, I have to live in the moment and gaze into my son’s eyes and kiss his beautiful cheeks and stroke his silken hair and not think about how the minutes on the clock are ticking by, more and more quickly, it seems, as the night progresses.  Not thinking about lost sleep, but time spent with a precious baby.

Please God help me remember the moment, instead of the schedule.

Potty Training…

We have struggled and tried and tried and struggled to potty train number five for quite some time now.  He turns three in November! 

It’s not working.

Don’t get me wrong, we have times, nearly whole days even, when he goes potty regularly.  Often even.  Poops and everything.

Mostly he just isn’t cooperating.  We’ve done everything we can think of, videos (ugh, I can’t believe we resorted to videos.) walking around bottomless with the potty chair in the living room, stickers, m&m’s , happy dances, you name it, we’ve tried it.  It’s number five remember.  The older FOUR are all potty pros at this point.  What gives???  What happened that I can’t get #5 to make this step?????

Here’s the funny part.  There are times, totally random times, when he wants to use the potty.  And NOW.  We’re not usually prepared because really there is usually a refusal.  This weekend we were out of town visiting my new niece (who is utterly beautiful btw) and went to Mass at our old parish church.  It was nice being back “home” and seeing everyone and attending Mass with the extended family (parents and siblings).  Nice that is, until # 5 started calling out “I need to go potty” after Mass started.  We tried to say “ok, that’s nice sweetie, now listen to Fr.” but he would NOT be dismissed and continued more fervently that he MUST go potty NOW.  We were bewildered.  We can’t get the kid to come near the toilet at home, but Mass????  What the heck??

So, dh took him, and wouldn’t you know it?  The kid went. 

Maybe I need to be PRAYING for potty training…

Talkers, Watchers, Doers…

I went to a meeting this week (I did say something about our crazy schedule…) and the subject was learning styles.  This is a fascinating subject for me although I’ve been terrible at being able to figure it out.  I think I’m either painfully unobservant or in denial.  Either one, I can’t seem to “get” the learning styles thing. 

Until this week.

This speaker was wonderful and spoke in a way that connected with my brain (even though I was too tired to sit for the meeting and had to be up and pacing to keep from crying from exhaustion, thankfully the baby lends himself well to my needs and it just looked like I was a mama pacing with a baby…) and I think I finally have a bit of a grasp of the concept.  I even know, now, what kind of learner I am.

She set up a scenario that was the key to my understanding.  Let’s say you’re at work and the IT dept is instituting a new operating system in the next 24 hrs.  You MUST study it and have a full understanding of it in that amount of time or you’ll not be allowed to access your computer for work.  What do you do???  Do you sit at home all night and read the manual cover to cover?  Do you find the new OS and dissect it to get the understanding?  Do you call someone you know that has a clear understanding of OS to walk you through it and explain it?

Folks, I am an auditory learner.  I am a “talker”.  I would SO totally call someone and ask for a lecture on the basics of the OS.  I would take notes, but NEVER go back and read them.  I just have to hear it.

How do you memorize a phone number?  Does just reading it do it for you?  Do you have to say it aloud a few times?  Do you have to physically run you fingers over the keypad, real or imagined? 

Yep, auditory again. 

Now, what do I do with this information?  Well.  For starters I quit expecting my children to automatically just learn the way I did/do.  The poor child of mine who is so totally visual (we have to pry books out of her hands, and yes, we SO ground her from her literature!  It’s all about currency) to whom I try to “lecture” to?  I am certain she just wishes I’d shut up.  Then my child who is kinesthetic whom I keep trying to make sit down and be quiet, oh heaven help me with my little “doer”!  I think what I need to do for him is allow him to stand at the dining table for his school work…  And my auditory learners?  Oh boy.  I could probably quit just assigning reading and getting annoyed when what they need is a lecture.

I am excited to see how a few small adjustments could affect the outcome of my children’s school year. 

So, what are you?

Good school day??

Or chaotic mess? 

You be the judge.

There is juice on the kitchen floor. 

Pencil shavings BESIDE the trashcan in the school room.

Rosaries strewn across the couch.  (does that mean we had a good prayer time?)

Laundry over taking my bedroom.  (not to mention the “garage sale” pile that seems to be growing like Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors…)

There are crayon marks all over the table.


But, the two year old is singing lullabys to his teddy while he draws him a picture. 

Daughter #2 just made 100% on her spelling.

We got all of the notebooks put together.

History is being studied, math is being mastered, new lands are being created out of our red earth…



Good school day?


Is there any difference?