The First Sacrament of the Year.

I realized I had forgotten to tell you about the first sacrament of our year!  My amazing oldest child was confirmed in late January!!  Things were a bit iffy about the whole thing actually happening, but happen it did and she has received the gifts of the Holy Spirit, fulfilling her baptism (and making me quite proud!) 

We weren’t a hundred percent sure she was going to be able to attend confirmation with her class, maybe needing to latch onto a class later in the year, if anyone would allow an “add-on”.  We were planning a huge party, 60 people!  Grandpa was going to smoke meat and we were going to have all of the bbq finery to celebrate the occasion, but oh! how plans change.  We came down with the Flu Thursday before Confirmation.  Yep, The Flu.  Bona Fide, certified.  I could have shriveled up and wept, and my daughter, well that was exactly what she WAS doing!  There had been so much going into the prep of this sacrament and she felt so ready she wanted it so desperately and was so hungry for the graces she was to receive, it was such a blow to think we might not make it.

We started calling family and letting them know that confirmation was unlikely and letting the off the hook, we didn’t want anyone to come and risk coming down with this thing!  She had been on tami-flu since Thursday so we were hoping she would be healthy enough, soon enough, to make it, but weren’t holding our breath and didn’t want any visitors in our “sick-house”.  We prayed incessantly and blessed her with Holy Water and Blessed Salt, we prayed and prayed and prayed.  On Friday her sister looked at her and said “wow, the devil really doesn’t want you to get confirmed!”  The oldest was expressing the same sentiment to me halfway through the day, which only increased our prayers. 

On Saturday morning we called the DRE and let her in on our predicament.  Eldest had woken up able to move and leave her bed and if she continued to improve I was wonder what her (the DRE’s) thoughts were on Eldest attending.  I was secretly just hoping someone else would make the call I didn’t want to have to make.  I was desperate for the DRE to say “no, not a good time, but she can tag along with such and such parish”  As a matter of fact, the DRE expected to have the same reaction after she talked to Father (we’re such girls, neither one of us wanted to make this decision!) but Father said that if she felt better, she was welcome.  I think she willed herself out of bed and into the shower, ate some food for lunch and really started picking up strength as the day wore on! 

Grandma and Grandpa decided to come in from out-of-town, as did my brother and his wife and kids.  My incredible, amazing, faithful daughter was confirmed, taking the name St. Zita, on the last Saturday in January, 2011.  I have never been more amazed at a young woman, or more proud of anyone in all my life.  She looked the devil square in the face and said “You can’t win.” and then she proved it.  She is an inspiration to me and such an example to ME of how to live out my faith and be a strong and worthy woman of God.


muddy boys

It’s such a beautiful day today, not too hot, not quite chilly, and I am so thankful to be here, now.  The love of my life is out weed-eating the lawn and, hopefully the “forest”.  The little boys are meandering around trying to keep up with the big boys who have been exploring in the nearly dry (muddy!!) creek bed.  They seem to have found a few baby crawdads (mudbugs) and have put them in a bucket on the porch.  It’s quite amusing to see them giving their little brothers lessons on what kind of animal they have, and what they eat and where they come from. 

For a sweet moment I forget the messes in the house, the piles of laundry needing folded, beds needing made and bookshelves needing dusting.  I can relax and listen to my beautiful boys doing what boys do, digging in dirt, exploring and finding small treasures to share.

Now, if only I could find some muck boots to save those shoes!