Happy Anniversary

I have a ton of pictures to download onto the computer.  We have more USB ports than any other computer I’ve ever seen.  Do you know what my IT guy man did?  (yes, I’m talking about you.  You know I love you.)  He plugged the keyboard and the mouse into the “extra” ports on the front of the computer.  I know that it makes sense to him for them to be up there and not in the back of the computer where any self respecting woman would put them.  I know that probably there is something significantly IT about where he put them. 

And, so, there they are.  And here my camera cord sits.  On top of the desk.  Not plugged into the working ports on the computer.  Am I spoiled that THIS is what I am complaining about?  Yep.  Am I being a wee bit lazy?  Yep.  Will my dh fix it anyway?  Probably. 

He spoils me often.  I don’t put gas in my vehicle.  I don’t often go out at night for milk or eggs or whatever else is deemed important at around midnight.  I don’t clean a single toilet.  I don’t mop floors or have to do too many dishes.  He’s insanely tolerant (NOT kidding, poor guy really puts up with a lot here…) with my chasing rabbits all over the place. 

“I am SO EXCITED to learn to crochet!!  I love crocheting!!  I NEED more yarn!”  “ok, that’s fine, whatever you need.  I’m glad you’ve got a hobby.”


“Let’s homeschool”


“I don’t like this curriculum (book, class, concept) let’s try this instead”


“WOOHOO!!!  I got a sewing machine!!  Thank you honey!  I have to shop for patterns, fabric, scissors, notions, more presser feet, oh!! and you know what?? A serger would be totally cool!”

I love that he tolerates all of that.  I love that we can fight with one another and come up happier and more in love than before.  I love his passion, both for our marriage and children and for The Church.  I love that he can take me on a really rough day when I don’t feel like moving, when I am feeling horribly down about myself, my hair, my whatever and make me feel like a princess again.  I love that he can look at me and say “I’ve called Father, we’re scheduled for confession this evening at 6.”  I love that he challenges me to be better than what I am.  I love that he is so dedicated to providing for our family. 

 I love that he can wrestle with the kids (even when I get mad at em for wrestling in the house) and play in the sprinkler, and play tag in the yard no matter what it does to his knees later on.  I love that he has “Tim Allen syndrome” so severely that I can’t ask for anything with moving parts for Christmas without fear that he will think more, electric, bigger, or louder is better and he wants me to have only the best. 

  I love that when our girls were small he would let them paint his toenails, and then was man enough to stand for pictures to be taken!  I love that he can have a tea party and a sword fight in the matter of an hours time.  I love that he knows his kid is the best on the team (whether they are or not).  I love that his “dream” vehicle is our monster van.

 I love that his favorite time with the kids is outside, next to the tent, over a campfire making smores.  I love that he can build the COOLEST camp fires!!

I love that after fourteen years he can still light my fire, and wants to.

Happy Anniversary honey!!!


I love you.


I’ll be back

I’ve seriously neglected this blog recently!  We’ve had a decent amount going on.  Lots of stuff demanding my time; soccer camp, dh’s birthday, MY birthday (yep, 29 again.) sewing, cleaning (okay, so maybe not as much of that as I would like ) and basically taking care of a family of 8.

I have a post in the works on my sewing adventures. 

A post about homeschooling and scheduling.

A post about babies and prayers and surgery.

However, right now the cries for lunch (funny how children insist on being fed) are overpowering my desire to type.

I’ll be back.



more sewing projects

Cause I don’t have enough that I’ve got to get done.

I’ve got 2 more pair of shorts for the oldest, 3 for #2 and a pair of pants for each of the older boys (that I think I’ll hold off on until fall).  Despite that I am dreaming up more to do.  I know.  I need to find a different fix!!

The current project(s) I am planning have to do with my #4 child.  He likes weighted things like stuffed animals etc.  Today at OT I asked about the possibility of a weighted blanket to help him regulate.  They had a weighted vest that she had him wear during table time.  He put it on and kept it on the whole time.  I was really surprised at how he took to it.  He did say that it “pushed” him “down” but that wasn’t quite a complaint.  SOOO I’ve been researching them.  Yeah.  It’s a vest with some pockets inside with velcro to put the “weights” in.  The weights?  Nylon, leatherish “bags” filled with a specific weight of sand and sewn shut.  That’s it.  I think I can just run to the thrift store and buy an old men’s vest and add a couple pockets in front and in back for the weights and I’ll have a vest!  The blanket I’m not as sure about.  I don’t know how easy that’s going to be, but the average price for a SMALL weighted blanket is over fifty bucks and I’m just not spending that much on something I could probably throw together with a couple of old quilts and some velcro.  We’ll see. 

I will probably start with a stuffed animal (to use as a lap pad) and then move up to the vest, then the blanket, if the previous things work.   Here’s hoping!



a confession

Ok, I have a confession to make.  I want, desperately even, to be able to comment intelligently on current events;  the horrible state of the country, the depressing line up of potential leaders that we are staring down, the latest controversy of priests that are a wee too self centered to do the vocation they chose well, vaccines that are wrecking havoc and what is happening to our youth.

I would love to blog on those things.  I look with envy on others blogs, sounding so intelligent and “with it”.  I am nearly jealous.  I really am.

But.  I am a mama.  I have to realize that sometimes my vocation pulls me away from those things, and that may not be such a bad thing, really.  I don’t have the occasion to sin, gossiping about a bad priest, as much as I could have.  I don’t have to deal with the incredible sense of despair at the path our country is careening toward. 

It’s not that I don’t see it.  It’s not that I don’t discuss it even.  Outside of this blog.  It’s that I don’t HAVE to if I don’t want to.  This blog is my one place of peace, to sift through what is happening in my family, with my children, with my vocation.  It is my solace, my peace and quiet.  If, sometimes, a snippet or two of the controversial stuffs sneaks in, I’m okay with that. 

I’m also okay if it doesn’t.



God Bless America!!

Okay, so happy Fourth of July, a bit belated I know, but I try.

Our holiday was beyond busy but very nice.  Dh and the oldest boy (#3 in birth order) marched with the scouts in the parade while the rest of us sat in the sun watching.  I’m a sucker for a parade.  When we came home it was lunch time and then we were busy getting ready for my parents to come in to town and have dinner and then race to the local college to watch fireworks.  It was chaotic and exhausting but we seemed to survive it.  (I was tired enough at one point to ask my dear and wonderful husband to please put the salad in the dishwasher.  Thankfully he (having been married to me for nearly 14 years now) knew that what I meant to say was fridge and didn’t skip a beat.) 

Fireworks were wonderful.  We got there early and staked out a spot and were eventually joined by previously mentioned boy’s best friend and his family as well as several other families we know from the places we go.  We shared drinks and lemonade out of the back of our vehicles and kids played with chalk and bubbles and frisbees.  It was Rockwell-esque and beautiful.  The actual fireworks were great.  Scared the youngest 2.  Way WAY louder than they needed to be, which is as it should be, and beautiful.

Mom and dad have gone home after a great visit and we are gearing up for the coming week.  The baby has an appointment on Monday to see a specialist about the “strider” that seems to have been plaguing him since birth.  It’s gotten worse with time, not better as the pedi assumed 4.5 months ago.  I am hoping the visit is uneventful and easy.  We will be getting the oldest ready for soccer camp that starts mid month.  We’ll be finishing up school (yes, I said it.  We’re NOT perfect.  We’ve NOT finished our school year.  Again.) and it seems we’ll be making it to confession.  You know it’s bad when the 8 year old says “ARGH!!!  We missed confession AGAIN.  We REALLY need to go mom!”  Yes dear.  I know.  We will.  This week.  Yeah.  I gotta make that happen.

I am working on something a bit deeper soon.  I promise.