I have a collector.  He collects things as he goes about his day, adding them to his pockets one by one.  He is usually pretty good an emptying them at the end of the day, leaving little (big!) piles of “treasures” where ever he stands when he decides it’s time to empty them.  Usually it’s things like sticks, lego people, nerf bullets, sticks, hotwheels, legos, bits of paper (often “tickets” for whatever game they’ve played throughout the day) rocks, and dinosaurs.  All in one pile, from one day, from one pocket.  (I told you he was a collector). 

Unfortunately, this last lot didn’t get emptied at day’s end.  Big brother found it while sorting laundry.  This pocket seems a bit hopeless for me, we’ll see how well I can get it done.  Seems he’s gotten hold of some sort of silly putty like substance, it’s coated the entire assortment of tiny little items and adhered them to the inside of the pocket, in it’s pink goo.  I’m sitting in my school room listening to spelling words practiced, big brother holding baby and working on math with “the collector” all while desperately trying to get this goo out of the pocket before I put it in the laundry.

Life is never dull.  There is always a new challenge!  I love my boys!


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