it’s like jaws, only not.

There is a monumental task glaring at me from a dark corner of the living room.  I am trying desperately to not look at it so as to not be coerced into tackling it.  I keep trying to tell myself that it’s fine in there.  The living room is clean enough.  It doesn’t need to be perfect, I’m not perfect, it works. 


There it sits. 

This enormous pile waiting to be sorted.

I’ve tried wishing it away. I’ve tried threatening it (doesn’t work with my kids either).  Tried bribing it.

Still, it sits. 

All of the shorts, short sleeves and too-small clothing for my boys, all FIVE of them, piled high in a basket.  Begging me to sort and store it all. 

I don’t wanna.

It’s starting to get to me though.  Guess it’s time. 

Tomorrow is the day.  Pray for me!  I’m goin’ in!


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