because life is nothing if not complicated

Just a quick update.  Grandma didn’t get to have surgery this past week.  There are mixed feelings about this.  She needs the surgery.  She’s in a lot of pain and the surgery could make that better.   On the other hand, at her age and in her heart condition it was quite risky.

She got to the hospital on Tuesday and her heart was racing.  I don’t know what the official diagnosis was, the family members there didn’t think to ask that question.  Since her heart was already not doing well they postponed the surgery a bit to see if they could get the heartbeat back to a relatively normal rhythm.  It took them five hours.  After that expanse of time they opted not to operate.  No one was convinced her heart could take it.  She’s back home, and still in pain. 

We were able to stay here for Thanksgiving, which was best for my children, and had a great weekend.  We’re constantly praying for Grandma as she struggles with her health.  We’re not quite sure how to help her, if we go up there, we are (because of our sheer numbers) nearly a burden to her.  However, we feel like we should be doing something to help.  It’s a weird catch twenty-two situation.

Doncha just love the holidays?


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