evaluating time

Trying to take a look at my week and make better sense of it.  I feel like I’m in the midst of a tornado and just keep going around and around and around.  I’m not the best mom I could be and it’s very disconcerting to know so intimately your imperfections.  I’m pretty sure, if I could get a handle on our schedule, that I could, maybe, possibly stop (or at least slow down) the tornado. 

I know that there are people with schedules that are much more hectic than my own and deal quite well.  I have to figure out how they do it and keep from having the kids believe that eating IN McDonalds is what qualifies as a home cooked meal.  (Do you know how much that place costs for a family of eight?????)  There are obvious organizational things, like making a menu, that I am working on putting in place, but I can’t help but wonder what else I could be doing.  Should I be making sandwiches to keep in the van on the most hectic days?  Should we all walk around with our bottles of water that don’t leave our side, like we’re at scout camp in the summer?  How do I make the most out of the days that I don’t leave the van for 4 hours?  Are there things I could be doing, places I could be going, that would make life easier?

So much evaluating to be done.

Now, if I could just find the time…


4 thoughts on “evaluating time

    • Shannon, I think I’m delegating quite a bit. The household chores are getting done, if we’re home. The older kids are watching the younger kids way more often that I would like to admit. Hubs is teaching math, when he can. Soon someone will be driving, but we’ve not had time to work that out in ernest.

      It’s just a very busy season and we’ve got to learn to adjust better than what we are. I’ll have to post my schedule as well.

      • Well major kudos for delegating where you can – I know for me that can be a challenge! It sounds like you have your hands (and your car, and your table, and your heart) full of life and all its wiggles :P. Prayers for you and your family for guidance in planning and navigating the daily schedule!

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