every time

I am increasingly disturbed by the people that are starting to ooze out of the woodwork in favor of Obama. My heart is breaking and I am in physical pain over what I am seeing from people I once respected. I can not believe, not for a second that ANY other issue is as paramount as protecting the most defenseless in our society and ANY candidate that is so cavalier about the most basic of rights can NOT be trusted to take care of any of the other socio-economic groups that need help. I can not express how much this pains me that people can not see this. Would I be trusted as a business associate if I showed that I would not fiercely defend my children?

In talking with a friend over all of this she suggested something so basic and easy that it never occurred to me.  Every time, every. single. time. we see an Obama sign, if we would all just say a Hail Mary, if not for the election, then for the soul of person who is so blinded by the soft words that hide such an evil heart.

I wanted to let you all know that is what I’ll be doing in the next nine days, and invite you to join me.


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