ear infection, again.

It’s a beautiful fall day, temps in the low 70’s with birds chirping and the windows open and a soft breeze flowing through the house.  I am enjoying it. 

I did take that babe in arms that I mentioned last post to the pedi today.  He really, really didn’t sleep last night (so, nope.  I didn’t either) and I was relatively certain that an ear infection was quite possibly involved.  I was unfortunately correct in my assessment and we’re now on antibiotics.  Poor little guy. 

I was also made more keenly aware of the issue with his weight.  He’s always been small.  Really small.  (My personal opinion is the level of insulin I was on during pregnancy was WAY too much, but I’m no medical professional.)  He’s been hovering between the 3rd and 10th percentile in weight since birth.  He was small, but following a growth curve so, while cautious, we weren’t too alarmed.  Weighed him today.  He’s only gained 6 oz in two months.  I am trying to get him to take formula.  I am trying to get him to eat baby food (which he is finally doing on occasion now!) I’m even fortifying his baby food with formula to add calories. 

I’m starting to worry a bit about him. 

He’s fallen off the growth chart now.  WAY off.

Please pray that the drop is just from crawling and burning more calories than he used to.  Pray also that he eats and gains.


2 thoughts on “ear infection, again.

  1. Hey I remember a little gut that was not growing right. He was sickly, almost emaciated looking. But He turned out, even over filling his frame. But I will pray for #6? To follow that familiar path but not to the overfilling part.

  2. hmmmmm

    I’d forgotten about that little boy.

    Since he’s now towering over me I will take great comfort in that memory!!

    Love ya!

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