Talkers, Watchers, Doers…

I went to a meeting this week (I did say something about our crazy schedule…) and the subject was learning styles.  This is a fascinating subject for me although I’ve been terrible at being able to figure it out.  I think I’m either painfully unobservant or in denial.  Either one, I can’t seem to “get” the learning styles thing. 

Until this week.

This speaker was wonderful and spoke in a way that connected with my brain (even though I was too tired to sit for the meeting and had to be up and pacing to keep from crying from exhaustion, thankfully the baby lends himself well to my needs and it just looked like I was a mama pacing with a baby…) and I think I finally have a bit of a grasp of the concept.  I even know, now, what kind of learner I am.

She set up a scenario that was the key to my understanding.  Let’s say you’re at work and the IT dept is instituting a new operating system in the next 24 hrs.  You MUST study it and have a full understanding of it in that amount of time or you’ll not be allowed to access your computer for work.  What do you do???  Do you sit at home all night and read the manual cover to cover?  Do you find the new OS and dissect it to get the understanding?  Do you call someone you know that has a clear understanding of OS to walk you through it and explain it?

Folks, I am an auditory learner.  I am a “talker”.  I would SO totally call someone and ask for a lecture on the basics of the OS.  I would take notes, but NEVER go back and read them.  I just have to hear it.

How do you memorize a phone number?  Does just reading it do it for you?  Do you have to say it aloud a few times?  Do you have to physically run you fingers over the keypad, real or imagined? 

Yep, auditory again. 

Now, what do I do with this information?  Well.  For starters I quit expecting my children to automatically just learn the way I did/do.  The poor child of mine who is so totally visual (we have to pry books out of her hands, and yes, we SO ground her from her literature!  It’s all about currency) to whom I try to “lecture” to?  I am certain she just wishes I’d shut up.  Then my child who is kinesthetic whom I keep trying to make sit down and be quiet, oh heaven help me with my little “doer”!  I think what I need to do for him is allow him to stand at the dining table for his school work…  And my auditory learners?  Oh boy.  I could probably quit just assigning reading and getting annoyed when what they need is a lecture.

I am excited to see how a few small adjustments could affect the outcome of my children’s school year. 

So, what are you?


4 thoughts on “Talkers, Watchers, Doers…

  1. I am a good combo of all three depending on the topic… the new OS… I have to DO. Other things I have to read and still others, I have to talk. I think I am heaviest in visual, though and that auditory is second.

  2. If kid #5 is a boy and he responded to ‘dad’ taking him – I’m thinking he’s telling you he’s ready for more dad/guy connection. I saw my boys really start to resist ‘mom’ in the oddest ways when they were really trying to signal they were ready for more man bonding and formation and for mom to back out of no-woman’s land … sigh! ha! Not a bad thing, but God help all the little boys in the world who don’t have a dad to teach them how to become a man.

  3. So MAYBE you all are doing such a GREAT job with kid #5 that he’s developmentally right on target and it’s a GOOD thing of healthy role modeling happening …ha! That’s IF we’re talking about a boy. If it’s a girl – my dh can do anything and my dd just thinks he walks on water – praise God! ha!

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