We made it through the first day!! 

I am a total nerd and didn’t take a single picture.  ergh.  Sometimes I get so annoyed with myself!

The kids really like the new curriculum, as a matter of fact girl #2 said she loved it and ended the school day with a smile!!!!!!!!!  I am totally thrilled. 

I am also totally tired.

The day did not go without a hitch.  There were tears, mostly by a hormonal (thank you God I’m not 13 anymore!) 13 yo who had a stressful weekend.  There was a bit of frustration in dealing with the 5 yo and the 2 yo (kinda like herding cats really) which was not totally unexpected, just need to find a different way of channeling that energy.  I know I need to get on a formal schedule so that the day runs more smoothly than it did, but that will come.  Actually, I believe it’s even near completion. 

SO, we survived.  I think if I were offered an alcoholic beverage of some sort, glass of wine, margherita, or even better, a winerita, I would jump on it ‘like a duck on a junebug’, since I’ve not been offered I guess I’ll just go to bed.  I am trying desperately to get up before the children and staying up past midnight is just not helping in that goal, so to that end, good night!