Do you hear it? That sound, almost like velcro…

Yep, that’s me stepping away from my computer, oh dont worry I’ll be here, I promise. I’ll probably blog MORE, but I won’t be sitting here just mindlessly searching for something I’ll never find. You know the thing, yep that’s it. The escape, the thing to somehow magically get your house organized and your dishes clean and your bathrooms mopped. The answer to all of your woes.



I think I’ve finally figured out the answer.

Get. off. my. rear end.

and away from the computer.

SO. I am scheduling compter time. Time to research topics for school days, time for catching up on blogs (including my own) time for catching up with friends.


So I can keep all things in their proper order. Including my time.

Wish me luck!!

Cause if this doesn’t work I may need a 12 step program!