Sweet Pea is back from camp and big brother is off to Boy Scout camp with his dad (I guess I should say “cub scout” instead.  I still can’t get in my head that they’re NOT the same thing.  Sorry dear!).  So, we are another kid (and adult) short this week, again.  They’ll be back mid-Wednesday though.  I know they’ll have a ball and there will be plenty of father/son bonding which is SOOO good!

My family will be coming by for the 4th holiday.  I’m looking forward to spending time with them.  I really need my mom sometimes (even as an adult…I hope my kids feel the same way one day) and it will be good to see her again.

We are struggling with the diagnosis process with our 5 yo.  We saw the “ROT” office last Tuesday.  It was a joke.  The doc was diagnosing ADHD just talking to dh and I, without ever seeing our son, and after telling us she was incapable of diagnosing anything because we didn’t take him to public school.  Evidently in order to give an accurate diagnosis they have to go off of the observations of a teacher, instead of a parent.  We’re not qualified to look at behaviors and determine whether or not they’re on the range of normal.  Yeah.  We walked out of that office and won’t be back.  She was a bit intimidated by us.  The fact that I was using words like “proprioceptive” and “neurotypical” just threw her for a complete loop. 

SO we’re back to square one and trying to find someone competent to evaluate our son.  I think by the end of this whole process we’ll be the ones in need of evaluation. 

I am off to make mac and cheese.  The dinner of superheros!





One thought on “tidbits

  1. After reading your post about her, I wonder if she even knew what “proprioceptive” and “neurotypical” means. People who think they know everything don’t like to be confronted with what they don’t know. She sounds like that!

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