We have…


2 to be exact.  On the bottom.  They’ve been breaking the surface for awhile now.  I’ve not blogged about it because, really?  I’ve just not felt the need. 

Until now.

OUCH.  Baby teeth hurt.  Bad.  I knew that.  I promise I did, but I had NO IDEA what they would feel like on my nipple.  How do you keep from getting bit?  What are your tricks?  I am in need of any and all ideas!  I’ve been yelling “ouch!!” and taking him off the breast but it’s not working incredibly well thus far.  It doesn’t help that he’s only 4.5 mos old and the understanding just isn’t there.

Thanks in advance.



4 thoughts on “We have…

  1. No advice. Sorry. Both my kids are late teethers and get the toothies after being weaned.
    Been thinking about you and praying for you.
    Love you

  2. Ouch! I know that hurts! When does he bite? Toward the end of a feeding? When he’s tired? Fussy? Miah did it toward the end of the feeding, usually when she was falling asleep. I just learned to watch her really closely for the clues. And yes she gave “Clues”. 🙂 (hugs)!!

  3. Yes, typically at the end of the feeding and usually as he’s falling asleep. I loved it when he fell asleep at the breast, but I am having to take him off before then now, to preserve myself!


  4. Hi there! I hate getting bitten! My little nurser bites (no teeth yet). I just quickly break the suction with my finger. Oh, and I’ll say “no biting!” and make her wait a sec so she gets the idea that it’s not cool to bite me.

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