We are trying to get the 5 year old (the one with SPD) in to a behavioral psychologist.  I got a name from my OT (occupational therapist) and called that office.  The reaction of the receptionist really shook my confidence in this particular office.  I am hoping that she is just someone’s mother that was filling in for the day.  I’m afraid to call back and find out the answer to my question.

To start it off with, she couldn’t hear me.  I was in a quiet room on my cell.  Still couldn’t hear me.  I told her our OT had referred me to the office and we were in need of getting our son further evaluated (this is a doc that could diagnose  spectrum disorders) and that he had SPD.  I had to explain what SPD was (that should have clued me in) I had to repeat many times over the name of the OT group we go to.  One known throughout the state.  Ugh.  She talked to me about her grandson, who is 10, has SPD, sees a doc in a major town south of here, homeschools, and whose mother gets a lot of info off the internet, and why don’t I go that route as well….

As I was hanging up (very near pulling all of my hair out from frustration) she asked who referred us to their office.  Ummmmm.  I already told you, but ok.  “Our OT.”  “R.O.T.??? What is ROT?”  “Our occupational therapist”  “Oh!  Your occupational therapist is named ROT?”  “No.  Our occupational therapist is <name> just like I told you 5 minutes ago”  “ok, but, what’s ROT?”




I really hope this doc is worth it!